If you are interested in a kitchen project, we suggest you to arrange an interview. 

As we define what are yours requirements, we are able to do a first interior space design of your kitchen, or interior space, giving you :

-Distribution design. 

-Plans and Facade.

-Instalation plans. 

-Estimate quote. 


If our proposal is accepted by you, we develope the final project. 

You will have to pay 10% in advance of the estimate quote of the project to provide found to the following works:

-Visit to your house,take measures. 

-Plants, Facade, and distribution. 

-Material quote, colours and 3d renders.  

-Lighting project. 

-Quote details. 


Once the quote is signed, we get in charge of all things related with the final work. Taking care of each detail till the build is done. 

We coordinate all service, thanks to the support of external partners.

If you are not present during this proces, we send you pictures, and video so you can follow our work on a more confortable way.


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