The present project is of a single-family, isolated, new house, between party walls. It is located in the municipality of Torrevieja, the siesta area, the Chaparral. It is located on a 300m2 plot. The use of it is permanent. The plot consisted of an existing house that did not meet the habitability conditions, which has had to be demolished to be able to leave the land clean and start a new project that adapts to the lifestyle of the new owners. The idea has varied between a house on one floor at first, but it turned out that it largely occupied the plot, leaving little space available for the garden and pool. In a second instance, two levels are chosen, and take advantage of the views towards the Salinas de Torrevieja and the use of the terraces that will be generated. We have presented the client with two different projects, one based on our own criteria and the other based on corrections that the client has suggested, to adapt to their premises. In the first project, it is proposed to attach the house to the party walls, leaving a greater useful area of ​​the plot and generating an internal patio for air and light, and as an element that brings nature to the interior of the house. With the modifications requested by the client, the house is completely removed from one side, leaving a step towards the rear garden. It is developed on two floors, on the ground floor kitchen, living room - dining room, and a guest bedroom with a service bathroom. Access is set back to differentiate. The staircase that gives access to the sleeping area is open, initially it is suggested with corbel steps, but the client opts for a compact concrete staircase.


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